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Микросхема TPS65982

Микросхема  TPS65982
Производитель: Texas Instruments
Модель: ic TPS65982ABZQZR
Наличие: Есть в наличии
Цена: $ 7,00
Микросхема  TPS65982ABZQZR

TPS65982 USB Type-C and USB PD Controller, Power Switch, and High-Speed Multiplexer

The TPS65982 device is a stand-alone USB Type-C
and Power Delivery (PD) controller providing cableplug and orientation detection at the USB TypeC connector. Upon cable detection, the TPS65982
device communicates on the CC wire using the USB
PD protocol. After successful USB PD negotiation
is complete, the TPS65982 enables the appropriate
power path and configures alternate mode settings for
internal and (optional) external multiplexers.
The mixed-signal front end on the CC pins advertises
default, 1.5 A or 3 A for USB Type-C power sources,
detects a plug event and determines the Type-C cable
orientation, and autonomously negotiates USB PD
contracts using a Bi-phase Marked Coding (BMC) and
the Physical Layer (PHY) protocol.

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